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Bum-Pinching Danger Crabs w/ Nate Nate Nainers

Bum-Pinching Danger Crabs w/ Nate Nate Nainers

an interview with writer Nate Nate Nainers

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Hello My Darlings!

You are in for a treat today: an interview with writer, community builder and all-round sweethearted perv, Nate Nate Nainers. We discuss their debut book, a delightfully unhinged collection of short stories called It’s Gonna Be Sick As Hell!, illustrated by Channy-B. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, from playing with masculinity and hoaxing your coworkers to unleashing creative potential by sucking at the teat of Big Daddy Trudeau. If, after listening, you realize you simply MUST get your filthy paws on this book as soon as meatsackly possible, come to the launch event from 2–4pm on May 21st at The Bookcase in Maple Ridge.

Above is the audio, below is the video—pick your poison and enjoy!

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