Jun 10, 2022 • 54M

Ep 2: My Body Does Not Confine Me

an interview with artist Channy-B

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Interviews with weirdo artists, writers and makers about what they do.
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Friends and Freaks, You Are In for a Treat!

Today’s interview is with doodler, crooner, jester and eccentric dresser, Channy-B. We discuss the necessity of funny faces, the benefits of fake healing and why to get serious about remembering how to play. Channy-B also gives us a peek into the process of illustrating It’s Gonna Be Sick As Hell!, a collection of short stories written by Nate Nate Nainers who was last month’s podcast guest. Whether you’re into embracing healthy masculinity or chasing down strangers with pickle jar in hand, this interview is for you.


Above is the audio, below is the video—whichever one you pick, prepare to be delighted and disarmed.

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Pet of the Week

We have Deirdre to thank for this week’s befurred gayngel. Pan is a 12 year old Pomeranian made of stardust. Her hobbies include rolling in mystery smells in the grass, turbo spinning before running up stairs, and singing for her supper. She is also a talented snuggler, interior decorator, and hand holder, and has been known to share watermelon pieces with bunnies as her schedule permits. (Editor’s Note: normally I wouldn’t allow a literal cloud to be Pet of the Week, but who could say no to this cumulus?)

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Stay Tuned

Next week’s newsletter will feature the second instalment in the four-part series “Finding and Losing Identity Politics.Part One can be found here: Confessions of a Former SJW. I reflected on the responses it received here: A Sea Change on the Left? Part Two will explore what drew me in to the SJW subculture, and how it attracts new believers. Meet you in the comments section on Friday, June 17 at noon PST!

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